Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Life

 Loving this beautiful not-so-winter weather here today. Lucky enough to wear shorts again, one of my favorite chilly weather combos with tights, though I'd usually not dare to do so on a dead cold January day. But it's positively steamy out ... or at least, in. My thermostat doesn't know how to keep up with such extreme temp changes. 
 Some of us like to take supremely long winter naps while that dear, dear sun spreads a delicious warmth through our windows ...  making it all but impossible to wake up to go and pick up brothers from school. 
 This mommy rarely actually falls asleep (though I often long to, but ... buy groceries - check, tidy house - check, load of laundry - check, prep crock pot for dinner - check, prep earnings for band deposit - check, reply to all emails - check, have undistracted conversation with husband over lunch - check, blog - check :). But today I think I'll take a moment to pore over these books too. 

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