Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 It's such a magnificent day. The sunshine is intoxicating and the earth is radiating color, seemingly drinking in it's good fortune and bursting with deep blues, browns, greens when usually it shivers in stark white. It's so much fun when God gives us a surprise like this - beautiful, warm weather in winter in a city so accustomed to lots of snow and cold. January is usually one of the hardest months for me to get through. February is significantly better because it's our anniversary and Valentine's Day, of course. So today I'm feeling thankful ... that's all. 
{ear rings - Anthropologie (gift from mom), blouse - J Crew, vest - H&M, pants - Old Navy, boots - Steve Madden from DSW, purse - Anthropologie (gift from huz)}
What today has looked like so far. 

 Dragged myself out of bed way too early for my taste - 7am - though that's the norm around here ...
 but looked out my window to see this view ...
 and soon after, little E and I went for a walk
See what I mean? So magnificent. 

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  1. those pictures of y'all are adorable! glad you joined ETC this week :)


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