Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pretty Picks {for the kids}

Today's inspiration is for your little one. The rooms, the clothes, the crafts. There are so many brilliant ideas out there in this great, big world and you've blogged it for us! So here's what I've found. 

(I hope you find something that leaves your mind a-buzzing!)

Firstly, this video from clothing brand Wovenplay. Gorgeous, gorgeous clothing for your sweet little lady. Absolute perfection. 
One of the coolest girl's bedroom that I've seen in a while!
A "cocoon" bed with so many incredible little details. What child wouldn't love that?
I'm all about repurposing crates into adorable shelving, much like this! Think I'll add that on my list of to do's. 
Afghan, pillows - all accents to a clean, white pallette. And did you notice the Milo tin, Cara? 
Let's craft! Pipe cleaners sculpted into letters, transformed with yarn. 
(Already attempting this one to add to the picture head board. Will post if it works!)
DIY arrows. Pretty obsessed with arrows at the moment. 
 Fashion for the littles.
Your boho princess. 
Your handsome rockstar.
Knit bloomers for baby. Grandma?
More from Wovenplay.
Check out my kid's boards here at Pinterest for all links. 

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