Friday, January 13, 2012

Mommy Moments {and giveaway winner!}

Today I thought I'd journal ...

Dear Parker,

I thought I'd catch up a little on my letters to you boys. It's been a few months now, so much has happened. We had the most wonderful Christmas a few weeks ago and you were not eager to go back to school. I don't blame you though, after all those incredible memories were made. Your first week back was rough and you had a sad day (much like your first week in 1st grade). But you worked through it so well and even now, in just your second week, you're all smiles and happiness. You've even had 2 100%'s this Monday, for spelling and math tests, which has meant smooth sailing for the rest of the week. That was a huge boost for you!

And finally, yesterday, the heavens dumped the perfect amount of snow on us and you were able to play out there with all of your new presents (snowball and snow brick builders and a snow man kit). It seems your brothers have that same sense of adventure when it comes to the fluffy white stuff.

We're taking it slow this winter, waiting until the spring for sports and extracurriculars. It's nice to just come home after school, get your homework done while the crock pot is warming up (I'm kinda into that right now - hope you guys don't mind), and then playing outside in the snow or rummaging through that great big box of art and crafting supplies that we got for Christmas, creating all kinds of fun things. It's really good being together without rushing about here and there. That's the great thing about winter ... it slows us down a bit and allows us to enjoy more quality time together.

You're an awesome little man with a kind, sensitive heart. You care about people and their feelings. You want them to be okay and to feel good. I love that about you. You care for Elliot like you're his daddy, giving him out of the blue hugs and making sure he feels a part of things. You play with Monty and include him in your silly games, making him feel like the coolest kid around. You guys laugh together a lot, something sort of new. You've developed this connection, the start of a long life as inseparable, gotcha-back brothers. That bond is started to rope it's way around you guys, around and around. An awesome thing to watch, when you're a mom.

You prefer for me to make decisions for you. When I ask you which cereal you'd like to eat in the morning you say, "You pick". You don't like to make decisions and you still struggle with managing your time properly (timed tests at school are the pits!). It will come though ...

I love you so much!
Dear Monty,

Christmas break was good for you. You needed that time away from everything (that sounds funny). But since you've been back to school, I'm so impressed with your new-found gusto and maturity. Is that even possible? You're suddenly so big and important and smart. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that you've started working in a Kindergarten work book and that you get to do "homework" now. You're so proud of that fact ... homework, just like Parker.

This morning I watched you and Elliot playing outside in the snow and I saw you smile at little E and say, "Do you want to shovel Elliot? Let me show you how." And then you expertly shoveled 3 steps while he watched enraptured. You raised your eye brows, handed the shovel back to him and off you went.

You're starting to show your heart now too, that caring side of you. You've always been a passionate little guy and you've loved and fought with great zest, but now we're seeing a softness too. Those tender moments that come without encouragement, all on their own. You're also taking care of little E and biggest of all, you're willing to share you precious rock band drums with him. That's a huge deal! Elliot loves drumming, just like you buddy. He adores you.

You're starting to articulate yourself so well and you're becoming detailed about life. You're a story teller and you're still talking about your "grandpa" (the one that's actually in heaven and whom you have never met).

Your skin is really itchy and dry right now but it's not as bad as in year's past. We're managing just fine without having to ruin too much clothing from those ointments. You never take hot lunch at school and each day I have to pack you a cheese sandwich, your favorite. Parker is the opposed in that regard. He'd prefer to have hot lunch every single day and in fact, had a very earnest discussion with us about that just yesterday. Missing a yummy hot lunch at school can bring Parker to tears. :)
Dear Elliot, 

You, my man, are funny. Funny, funny, funny. You are the source of so much laughter in this house, not just with your daddy and I, but yours brothers too. You do so many cute things! Let's see ...
(1). You are always singing goofy songs and loudly too. Your faves are "I like to voove it, voove it" (translated as "move it") and "we will rock you". When I pick you up from the tot spot at the grocery store (thank heavens for that place), your "teacher" always tells me about the songs that you sang for her. And not only a song but a dance too. That's (2). A pointy finger bouncing knee dance. The best kind. We should all dance like that. When we walk through Target you sing too. Loudly, as before mentioned. So loud in fact, that I hear people in aisles nearby giggling and occasionally they'll come up to you to commend you on your performance. I just let you do it cause really, who wouldn't love to be serenaded at the store by a 2 year old who butchers really funny songs. It's hysterical!

You're a good kid. No terrible twos here ... well, at least anymore. Oh, and for now. You listen well. You say you're sorry pretty quickly. You like to please us and don't try to push the line very often at all. You're so amazing. 

We're so lucky to have you in our lives. Our third son. So lucky. 

You stay with mommy all day, every day. We're together a lot and we like it that way. You'll start preschool this year (in October). Isn't that incredible? But it won't be much time away, so I think you'll really enjoy it. You're growing up so quickly now and you're learning so fast. It's about that time anyway, when a toddler turns into a kid, all signs of baby vanishing. It's happening. At least you're still in diapers ... I may prolong that a while. Ha ha! 
Here's a glance at a typical day for us.
 Our mornings ...
 (daddy's all about making homemade fruit smoothies)
 (Monty goes to this couch every morning when he wakes up and he lies here for about 45 minutes before he eats his breakfast)
(while I get ready, you guys play on my bed)
 (really, you jump on all the beds)
 (and you love to watch a movie together, tucked in my bed)
 (Parker - brand new 7, Monty - 4 and a whole half, little E - 2 and a bit)

Our evenings ...
We couldn't be happier to see all of this beautiful snow. 

*The winner of that sweet ring and scarf is Jenna! Congrats to you, Jenna. :) Please email me with your address at so that I can send it your way. Thanks so much to all who entered!

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