Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Man's Junk

Happy Wednesday friends! Just taking a moment to rest this afternoon after having vacuumed all the carpets and mopped all the tile and wood. Not an easy task. 

I thought I would share my most recent thrifting treasures, those I brought home from Goodwill over the weekend. It was a particularly good excursion. I went there with the intention to bring home a nice big bag of crocheted doilies for a table runner that I hope to work on very soon. 

I had no luck in the doily department (of course!) but I did find some beautiful afghans and goodies for a few other crafts I hoping to attempt soon. 

I can't take credit for any of the cute ideas that I try to re-invent for my home. They're always things that I have seen someone else create for their homes. Here's the first example, my instagram heart over my bed. 
 Pinned here and originally done with bigger polaroids. 
By the way, that pillow (case) with the crochet detailing was a Goodwill find. And this sweet blanket. Isn't it perfect?
 And this one with the ombre-d blue squares. 
 And these little whatchamacallits. 
 And this tiny bronze chest. 
 And this was an exciting find for $1.99 ...
... as I'd been hoping to do something like this in Elliot's room. 
And maybe put cute (boyish) papers behind each tiny cubby, much like these. 
And I thought this piece of art ($1) may be perfect for a project like ...
When I actually start tackling these projects, I'll be sure to document it for you. Still in the works, the pipe cleaner letters, which have proved to be much more time consuming than I had imagined. But hopefully I'll have them completed soon!

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