Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pretty in Pink

 I know I've been gushing a bit lately but this one is just soooo good! 

As I was preparing and packing all of our clothes (and the kids!) for our weekend away, I opened up our suitcase and gasp, there it was ... my neon pink dream from my Pinterest wish list. Seems that wish list received a few "views" from the huz. What an awesome surprise. I was a little confused at first, then embarrassed, then outrageously happy! Haha!

So ladies, get yourself onto Pinterest stat. Step 2 - create a "wish list" board and step 3 - hope and pray your husband finds it!

Just a few shots taken in Egg Harbor over the weekend. 
{purse - Cambridge Satchel Company from Modcloth, sweater - Besselli (GB), blouse - Old Navy, jeans - Current/Elliot from Azure (GB), boots - Plato's Closet (GB)}\

My Valentine's Day was as sweet as can be. I spent the morning enjoying breakfast with friends and received several adorable valentine's from friends and dance students. Thanks so much to all you lovely people! 
Loved these square pretzels, with a melted red and white swirled Kiss, and topped with a M&M. Plus the packaging was so cute!
And these LOVE jars with a pretty pair of heart covered underwear tucked inside. How fun is that?
What Valentine's Day gifts made you smile this year? :)


  1. Oh my you got the purse! What a fabulous surprise!!!!!

  2. Kirsty!
    everything you photograph is so beautiful! I can't get over it! Your blog is like my morning coffee!! It is so fresh and fun!
    But I have to brag about my gift from my special valentine! My husband made me come into work on my day off to have a local musician serenade me with a song by the Plain White T's! It was the single most awesome thing EVER! I have the video up on my facebook page!

  3. That's so awesome! Good job husband. :) I'll have to visit your FB to take a look! Thanks for the sweet compliment too. Love that you love it.

  4. Gorgeous bag!!:-) I love all the pink!



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xx Kirsty

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