Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Weekend Away

Hello friends! Happy Valentines Day!

I'm a day late in greeting you because my husband whisked me away for a little getaway over the weekend and we returned just last night. It was so wonderful having some time away from the kids and exploring the charming towns in Door County

We stayed at the White Gull Inn which had the most adorable bedroom wallpapered in cherries, with a fireplace in the room, chocolates on your pillow, and coffee at your door in the morning. And their breakfasts are the best you'll ever eat!

We also spent some time relaxing at a spa where I had a massage, facial and manicure. Incredibly spoiled, I know! 

One of our favorite moments was when we came across this little used bookstore in Sturgeon Bay. It was so beautiful inside ... exactly like those in movies (particularly Notting Hill, as my sister noted).

Such an amazing time! (Thank you my love). It made me feel like a million bucks. :)

PS: Please remember to comment under the giveaway post if you'd like to be entered. I apologize for not mentioning that at first. It's caused some confusion. Your comment helps me when I pick a winner as I just plug in whatever number you are at random.org. So thanks! 

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  1. Ahhhhhhhh, I ADORE Door County and have been going there since I was a child on family camping trips. Now I have carried on the tradition with my family and consider it a sacred location and also in my heart. All the special little places we always return to. Thank you for sharing this post on V-Day.....it's like a big shiny heart just for me!!! : ) We normally have a long weekend over Valentines Day but have a Stowe, VT ski trip planned instead. I have missed it this winter.


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