Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Painted Necklace

Hello friends! 

Just a quick DIY post today featuring a necklace makeover. I'm so in love with the neon accessory trend and this necklace is a fave! So I grabbed an old necklace from American Eagle, one that I really wasn't in love with "as is", and my fuchsia polish by Essie (Peach Daiquiriand finally popped by Walgreens for a cheap yellow polish for $1.99 as I'm just not sure that I'd want to wear this one on my nails. It's a stretch. :)

I tried 3 coats of polish in a symmetrical pattern and voila, done! I think it's cute and would be lovely with a white tank and a pair of jeans in the months ahead. 

I have a fantastic giveaway planned for tomorrow so stay tuned! Till then ... 


  1. At first my heart stopped that you were going to paint that pretty necklace. Then I scrolled further down the page and saw the result. Bravo! Looks better than before.


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