Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Everyday Casual

 This outfit, or variations of it, has been my everyday mom uniform this winter. On casual days, I've reached for these soft black skinnies and tucked them into a pair of boots. And on top it's been a whole lot of layering, mostly button up "boy" shirts worn with sweaters. Comfortable but still put together. 

I'm itching to ditch it all though! So ready for spring dresses, pastel jeans, linen blazers, light stripey scarves, chambray shirts. Sigh. 

Dear winter, how much longer?
{button up - H&M, striped shirt - Gap, pants & boots - T J Maxx, bag - Goodwill}

Also wondering, with the promise of warmer weather approaching, if it's time to go in and get my hair did again? I haven't been this brunette/natural in a long time. I like it but I also love change. What do you think? Stay the same or spice it up a bit?

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  1. I like your hair like this. But for a change what about a shade of red?


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