Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Photo Shoot {little Leah}

Meet Leah, a brand new one year old with some serious star quality. Sparkling blue eyes, milky white folds, an inquisitive mind, and adoring little sister. She rocked these one year portraits! 

 Oh my goodness! There's nothing better than this, right?
What a beautiful little lady! Thanks to Lacy for allowing me the pleasure of taking her pictures.

 {If you live in the Green Bay area and would like to schedule a photo shoot or get a little more info, send me an email to kirstyloug@gmail.com.}

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  1. I love this shoot. It just screams preciousness. My favs are her trying to take her crown off and the umbrella ones. What a treat for this fam to have these pics for years to come.


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