Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Best {tribal}

Now if my BFF (or any other South African friends that read every once in a while) happen to catch this Sunday Best, they're sure to give it a good eye roll or laugh. You see here in the states we adore what we call our "tribal" prints come spring/summer but I know full well that these said prints have little relation to the real thing. Since I'm a half and half and am currently adhering to American fashion standards, as set by Lucky mag, I will go ahead and call the print of this skirt tribal! Sorry SA friends. Now if you want to see something truly tribal, just pop over to my house on a Thursday night and we'll perform a pleasant mash up of gumboot and break dancing. It's impressive!
{blazer - H&M, blouse - J. Crew, skirt & heels - Target, purse - Anthropologie}

A lot was happening outside and around me as we shot these few pictures, but I tried to remain focused as any serious poser would. Parker thought he looked equally fantastic and wanted to join and then the huz shot a few pictures of little E as he zoomed around us on his tricycle. As you can see, spring is here! (And now we get to spring clean the garden - not so fun).

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