Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pretty Picks {fashion meets decor}

Morning friends!

Just sharing some of my inspiration picks today, those that pair well together. I find that if I'm ever wanting for inspiration in decorating any area of my home, I need to look no further than my closet. Colors, textures, and obsessions will be evident there and can often be a great starting point for you when you're in an uninspired fog. 

When the in-between seasons hit us, I always love the idea of pairing a sundress with a leather jacket. Feminine and tough, all at once!
 {1 & 2}
The dark romantic. 
Love the laid back reading nook above and am longing for a few hand woven baskets for summer decorating.
{1 & 2}
{1 & 2}
Really, what's not to love about this?
 {1 & 2}
Moroccan wedding blankets, still teetering at the top of my wish list! 

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