Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Snuggles {when I need it most}

Little E and I grabbed a few pictures together yesterday. I have to admit, it was a doozy of a day so these sweet hugs and kisses were a welcome bit of love. I think much of my frustration lies in the weather this week, as it's our spring break together as a family and we've not been able to enjoy the outdoors. We've certainly kept busy, hitting the hot spots around town to make sure the boys have had a fun little holiday. But my visions of daily picnics at the park vanished quickly when the temps dropped at the start of our week. Bah!

Oh well, silly me. There are worser things ...
{on me: jacket & dress - Kohls, sweater - Forever 21, shoes - DSW
on E: hoodie - SA, jeans - 77Kids}
I've also had a rather stressful case of spring cleaning fever of late and I've taken to washing the walls, mopping the floors, and stripping all the beds with much ferocity this week. If only one could look at the daunting task of deep cleaning a home with a certain amount of happiness instead of the stress I often feel. I know people like that; they are out there (you know who you are ... you lucky lady :).

So yesterday I took to the dining room, bringing out new (thrifted) linens and rearranging the wall decor. You can see a couple of updates here on Facebook. Spring has sprung in the dining room!

And finally, we had some wonderful little features this week around the worldwide web! Elliot was caught looking stylish over here at Baby Blackbird and my DIY spring wreath made a list of "the best DIY projects of the week" over here at Babble. Very exciting! Welcome new readers and I promise, I'm not usually so sullen.

See you on the other side and in the meantime, have a fantastic (and deliciously warm?) weekend!


  1. you are a gorgeous mom!!! what an adorable blog. xo

  2. Thank you Lovebirds. That's so very sweet of you to say. :) so nice to have you here too!


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