Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday Best {lemon yellow}

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you. 

Here's an outfit for you this morning, as you head out the door. I'm off to grocery shop and little E is sitting here staring at the screen as I type, waiting so very patiently for me to get it done already. Sweet boy!
 {jacket - Gap, t & bracelet - J. Crew, skirt & shoes - Forever 21, purse - thrift, flower brooch - Target}

And here's my tiny man in his best. This sweater belonged to Monty but he never wore it. I think we went with another Easter shirt that year. So for April Fool's Day we wore an Easter sweater to church, just to mess with everyone. You should have seen the psychological chaos that ensued! ;)
 {Elliot: tops - Children's Place, khakis - 77 Kids, shoes - SA}

Have a lovely one!

xx Kirsty & Elliot 

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