Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Easter Egg Garland

I have all sorts of Easter fun for you today! The little egg-y things that we did over the weekend to decorate our home for this upcoming weekend. 

The next set of pictures is of the little garland I made from regular ol' Easter eggs and it's the simplest garland you'll ever make. Eggs already come with those 2 perfect little holes on the top, so I thread some yarn through the holes with the help of my bobby pin. 
 And one at a time, the garlands were hung! These pretty pastel eggs were found at Target (6 in a bag for 59 cents). 
 And #2 went up ...
I also whipped out my oil paints and tried another "paint by number"-esque project. The original was what seemed to be a vintage magazine tear out (had an ad on the back) of a bouquet of yellow roses. Really 70's and quite charming. So I added deeper color here and there. This is one of the quickest painting projects you can do, not at all as intimidating as a blank canvas. You should give it a try sometime. And these framed florals can often be found for less than a dollar at your local thrift store. 
I also grabbed a vintage table cloth ($2) that felt spring-y and fun and spread it out over a section of our enormous dining table. Then set all of our oranges in a bowl in the center. I love decorating with the contents of my fridge, especially when they're healthy edibles that inevitably end up being devoured much, much faster than usual.
The boys helped me make lemon cake pops which were tangy and delicious! And a little chocolate bunny (in a sexy blue grandpa cardi) joined the book shelf (all healthy eats must be equally matched by sweets - I'm so bad ;).
 We're counting down the sleeps until Easter here at my house. Such a wonderful and meaningful weekend ahead. What are your plans for Easter?

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