Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend - Part 2

Well here I am again, with a plethora of photos from our Sunday celebrations. We started taking photos that morning at church and then continued at Ouma's house, where we met up with cousins for a tasty brunch and another egg hunt!
(our cousins - Dylan, Adorlee, and Charlie)
{dress, shoes, & beaded necklace - Target
boys, pants & bow ties - Crewcuts}
 Just me and my boys pulling their, now constant, silly faces.
 Adorlee's Easter dress and glittered Toms
 Little E's swanky style.
 His favorite gift + his "take one step closer and you're toast" face.
 Monty ... mid-hunt.
 Parker and his cuz'.
 A sweet find. 
 Egg inventory.
A beautiful day!

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