Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boho White

I'm off to photograph a fashion shoot for YOU magazine and I couldn't be more excited! Can't wait to see the models in their outfits and have it all come together. I had the opportunity to style the models as well, finding perfect looks from 3 local boutiques. It's all been such a blast.

So off I go ... wish me luck!
{tunic & necklace - mom's closet, jeans - Current/Elliot, bracelet & sandals - Target}


  1. OK...I got a kick out of "Mom's Closet" for the tunic and necklace. In our family we call that "Home Shopping". Hehehehe

  2. Hi Tami! Yes, "home shopping" is a great way to say it. :) It happens all the time around here.


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xx Kirsty

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