Friday, April 13, 2012

Parker's 7 year portraits

Yay friends, it's Friday!

I took my fantastic little 7 year old out for ice cream last weekend and we snapped some pictures while there. It served double duty for me, as I needed to take some test shots for the fashion shoot that we shot yesterday, but also wanted to get some sweet images of this little guy, those that captured his personality and vibe. Here's what we got ... 
Dear Parker,

You've been helping me to teach Elliot manners and it's just so wonderful. There are many moments now when I see our efforts paying off and I tell you what, I'm thankful for you and what you do to help me because Elliot watches you, looks up to you so, and imitates everything you do. So now it's not uncommon to hear you two in the back seat, Elliot asking for one of your pretzels (please Parkie) and you handing one over to which he says, "Thank you Parkie" and you respond, "You're welcome". I mean come on! It's just so sweet, that kindness and sincerity. Elliot also loves to give you big, warm hugs in the morning when he sees you and you always say "Good morning" to each other. Those little things make me so proud of you guys and I know that he's doing this by your example.

You help us sing "We will, we will, brush you" to Elliot each night when he brushes his teeth. And after that we all make a pile on your bedroom floor for a book. Occasionally you read to us and it keeps your brother's attention often better than when we do it. They must be pretty impressed by the fact that you can read to them.

You recently finished learning about the planets at school and it has been your favorite so far. You spoke about them daily for ages and still look out your window at the stars at night, trying to find Venus each time. A telescope tops your wish list right now. :)

I love taking you out, just you and me. You're such great company and so much fun to hang out with over ice cream. I loved this photo shoot with you because you were patient with my constantly clicking camera and repositioning and you were so natural in front of the lens. Guess you're used to it huh?

I love you baby .... always, always, always ...


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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