Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Best {silky pink}

I had a little fun with my outfit yesterday, tried a shockingly bright, hot pink, silk maxi skirt. It's a absolute beauty! Thought I'd "temper it down" a bit with a striped sweater in neutral colors, so as not to draw too much attention. If I was really daring, I might have worn this skirt with an orange top like the big-wigs do. But I'm not ready for that quite yet obviously. I'm like the small country girl of fashion bloggers and those big city fashionistas put me to shame. Oh well, at least I have my kid's stories and sporadic DIY skills to fall back on!
{sweater - mom's J. Crew, skirt - Gap (sale for $18!), bag - thrifted, boots - DSW, bracelets - Forever 21, necklace - gift from BFF in South Africa}

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  1. Okay, clearly great minds think alike. I wore nearly this exact outfit for Easter--just replace the chunky necklace with a watercolored floral scarf and rad boots for dainty golden sandals and we are twins. :)

    By the way, I think you are more fabulous than the big city blogs.

    Your long lost--Chelsey


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