Friday, April 27, 2012

Mama Style {teetering ... comfortably}

 Yay, it's Friday! 

We've had a relaxing Friday thus far, a bit of shopping (recent recipient of a very fine gift card to Azure!) and a bit of lunch. Pretty great.

I was going for comfy here but managed to squeeze in some of my favorite trends. A little colored jean here, a little aztec sweater there, a little rock 'n roll t shirt under, and a little (or lotta) wedge on the bottom. Okay so maybe comfortable doesn't describe this outfit for you but you'd be surprised how not-uncomfortable these shoes are!
All of my photos end this way, so I thought I'd share the reality of how these photo moments go down. In 3 words - not too seriously.
{sweater - Besselli (GB), t - husband's (shrank, so good for me!), jeans - Gap, shoes - Target}

Here's a peek at our week, taken on Instagram. You can follow along if you wish! (@kirstyg).

In a nutshell:
* Lots of naked time
* A bit of potty training
* Sleepy moments just before we're tucked in
* Sometimes caught in the act
* We love to ride our scooters!

PS: Swim lessons went so incredibly well! Night and day difference. So extreme, in fact, that my #2 was swimming with his chest puffed up high and a smile on his face, all the way across the pool (when practicing the backstroke).


  1. Cute Blog Kirsty! I was at the fashion show this morning, super job as the mc...
    Mc Kirsty...niiiice haha

  2. Hi there! Thank you. :) It was nice to see you again!


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xx Kirsty

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