Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Here it is! One man's junk ... my treasures. 

 $2 quilt (serious!) and $1 baby boy romper (no news, promise ;)
 $1 each belts. Isn't that beaded one a stunner!
 25 cent to $1 fabrics
 75 cent necklace
 Bracelet connected to ring thingie I'm been longing for, right there at St. Vincents! Only $1. Gorgeous bangle for 75 cents. 

 "Home Sweet Home" candle wicking and a doilie with embroidery hoop for a project (dream catcher). $1-$2
A collection of needle point that work together so well. 25 cents - 50 cents each.
Went back for these babies after much deliberation. A splurge at $30 each. Totally divine. 

Gotta run! Off to swim classes again. Prayers that they're better than last week. Ugh!

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