Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Quilting Project

Well I've been a busy body this morning, spending way too much time at the fabric store with little E. We were on the hunt for pretty fabrics for a quilt that my mom is having made for me for my birthday! It's a really sweet little deal as I have recently met an amazing quilter (mother-in-law to a dear friend) and we're sort of collaborating a bit. I'm picking out all of the fabrics, the plan is for 12 1/4 yeards, and then she will cut them out and we'll lay out the color pattern together before she sews it into something lovely. I'm so excited about the project! 

So this is what I decided on. My inspiration came from this picture and so we're going to create that zig zag or chevron-esque print. And I love the dominant shades of blue with peeks of pink. 

So I had several vintage sheets that I was hoping to incorporate. The pink floral (below) is one of them. And the white with tiny blue roses (first above) is another. And finally, the orange with tiny bouquets is the third. I hope to make it all work but the orange is the likely wild card here, so we'll see. I suppose I could incorporate it into the back, if anything. 
I started off picking out 12 florals, all with a vintage-shabby chic feel to them. But then I found the batiks and I chucked the lot! (not really). I have some mad, mad love for batiks and though I have no idea if they will look pretty in a quilt, mixed in with vintage florals and polka dots, I sure do hope so!

Love the medallion print below. I have 2 cuts with a similar medallion. 
Look at that feather print. Isn't it gorgeous?
A close up of the orange floral. There are plenty of dotted prints in these fabrics, which I thought was perfect. Some are intentional while others feel like rain drops. 
And there you have it! I'll keep you posted on this quilting journey. 
 Part 2 ~ it's wish list time again!

Here's a look at all the items I've hearted this week at Etsy. Lots and lots to get all google-y eyed about over there.
 {whimsical hand chain by Becca Cass Jewelry Design}
{vintage skeleton keys from Attic Antics}

{starry night bangles by Voz Clothing and Art}
 {a more affordable rhinestone and friendship bracelet by Colorblock Shop}
{brightly painted driftwood by Bonjour Frenchie}

Now I know this last one seems a bit indulgent. I mean come on, all I need to do is go ploughing through my own back yard (which abounds in trees and thus, sticks) to pick up a few samples. And then all I'd have to do is sand down those sticks, a job I can assure you ranks top of my list of undesirables. And lastly, all I'd have to do is buy paint and, paint them! (sour face). Not gonna happen. Bonjour Frenchie has done a fantastic job - beautiful! 

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