Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Best {Dotty Spotty}

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you.

Scuse the silly face here. We had a bit of a time with the "photo shoot" yesterday and I was having some difficulty whipping up a more pleasing expression in the 1 and only frame that was allowed me in that location. This was due to the fact that the huz was just so incredibly tired and rendered incapable of moving around the back yard to find a location with soft enough sunlight, the kind that generally allows me to fully open my eyes. Always nice in a photo, large eyes. So this first one was a quick snap and that's good ... I'm going to bed.

Moving on. I loved this dress from the moment I set eyes on it ... in my mom's closet. You may have noticed that I've been wearing an awful lot of mom's clothes of late and no apologies here. It's a huge bonus/blessing for me (and my sister) to have a mom with amazing style and a similar waistline. High fives and fist bumps all around!

This dress is reminiscent of the pretty 50's frocks worn in Mad Men's previous seasons. I realized that though I love vintage, I have very little inspired by the 50's at home. So this was a fun look to try. :)
 {dress - mom's closet (new favorite shop), purse - Anthropologie, belt - Forever 21, shoes - T J Maxx}

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