Friday, April 20, 2012

When We Make Mistakes

Before I get to the title above, let's take a look at the DIY I had a go at this morning. 

I have these 4 friendship bracelets, 3 of which are truly as described (i.e. made with or by a friend) and the other was one that my pretend friend, Target, made for me. She's so sweet sometimes. 

Anyway, I love the way they all look together and especially love those friendship bracelets I've seen on Pinterest (here's an example) and Etsy (Doloris Petunia, oh my goodness $500 bracelet!), the kind that seem like fb's on steroids. They sparkle with rhinestones and are woven into fat pieces of glamorous arm candy. No regular friendship there. This friend is particularly awesome.

So I thought I'd sew my few together and create a pretty and slightly grander one, out of these 4 precious pieces. I like the fact that they all stay put now, instead of those unruly ends poking out all over the place. Now all I need is to bedazzle them! 
 Not perfect, with a bit of thread peeking, but my DIY's rarely are.

This is what the boys did while I worked on this. If they're awake, they're always nearby (still in jams here).
 I smile is quickly followed by a frown; fasted thing you'll ever see. And then back again in the blink of an eye. Not even sure what the problem was here, but it may have been for me to "uppy" him. That's a uszh for us.
 So, speaking of grumpy boys and back to my post's title, I think I'll tell you how terrible of a mom I am. Yesterday was our swimming lesson, something we've done for 3 or 4 years now, each spring, in preparation for the summer. Every year, someone doesn't want to take lessons. The first year it was Parker and he was maybe 4. He screamed and cried and embarassed me enough that I finally gave up. It would have helped if his teacher had just grabbed him from me, but she didn't and I understand that the circumstances don't always allow for it. (And by the way, I always appreciate a teacher or worker that is happy to take a crying child from my arms. Our kid's hair stylist even did that for me once and asked me to go get some coffee. Precious woman).

The next time round it was their cousin that was unhappy to go to class and my sister had to deal with the tears. Thankfully my boys were quite decent and Elliot was small enough to sit their contently, nibbling on biter biscuits.

Each year seemed to get a little better actually, well, until 2012. Yesterday was lesson #2 and it was hell. Parker's swim trunks were too big, the very same pair that was too big last summer (come on waistline!) and when something is wrong with his clothes or shoes, he cannot handle it. This has happened at school on 3 occasions (too cold, hole developing on knee, backpack was Monty's) and it has been the cause for not-too-fun breakdowns (meaning we have a meaningful discussion in the hall until the blessed principal steps in and saves the day. Yes, that's how it goes). So he wouldn't get into the pool. Awesome. This made Monty decide that he too, would not get into the pool. He was not to thrilled about class to begin with and I think that it's because his instructor let go of him last week and he had a scare.

I was fuming. Fuming, fuming, fuming. And I had to remain calm and composed while other parents  pretended not to notice the spectacle unfolding in from of them. So we finally left the pool area and went back to the locker rooms where I tried to reason with them and then threatened to take away Nintendo DS' - FOREVER! Finally, I whip Monty's swim trunks off of him, as he screams at me, and pull them up over Parker's hips, which seems to make P willing to try class (though they are incredibly tight). So off I send him and I leave with Monty and Elliot and we make our way to the bleachers to watch. The rest of the lesson went very well for Parker and his cousin, but Monty and Elliot decided to team up against me at the end when we were trying to get dried and dressed and it was just ... I don't know ... a complete nightmare.

Monty went to his room until dinner time, the first time we've ever done that (a good 30-40 minutes). It was very effective and all was well after. (When we give time outs, we talk to them after and pray together after apologies have been made).

All this to tell you about this morning. Monty was getting a little naughty again and I gave him a time out. It was supposed to be 4 minutes long (they're always their age - 2 minutes for E and 7 for P). And then an awful thing happened. I went to take a shower.

At least 20 minutes later, I'm pittering around the bedroom and little E walks up to Monty's bedroom door and knocks on it! I'm still complete unaware and I open the door ("strange that it was closed") and there he his, sitting under his bed, playing with toys. I felt SO bad. I think he was prepped yesterday and thought this was just another long one, so he never complained.

I did apologize to him for leaving him in there for so long and he was sweet as pie, like it was no big deal. I guess it worked?

But man, I can't believe I forgot about him.

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