Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day in the Life

Yesterday I tackled a project I've had planned for a while now, as it required a trip to Home Depot to pick up some paint (not my favorite thing). I found these adorable silhouettes at a thrift store about a month ago and though they weren't awful in their regular frames, I thought a little turquoise paint would spice them up a bit. I just had to pick out the perfect shade, which is where things get intimidating for me. 
This family of 5 is now hanging from our tree but I have plans to move them to a better spot. I'm just going back and forth between 2 walls, trying to make a decision.
I found this framed map on that same thrifting excursion and thought it could also use a splash of turquoise. It's now hanging in the guest bath room.

And changing subjects, but I mentioned yesterday that we had made cupcakes (for the kid's really) for my husband's birthday. I took a few pictures of them once they were alight with 34 candles. We needed some sort of sweet to sing a "Happy Birthday" tune over! Don't worry, I had some cherry cheesecake on hand for him too.

It was a lovely birthday day and we will celebrate again tomorrow with a date night. For his present he chose to hit the skies, taking a "discovery flight" before he starts his official lessons. My man has most definitely caught the flying bug, or something similar to that. It's wonderful when dreams start to become reality!

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