Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashion Flash Back {from YOU magazine}

{Just thought I'd share with you one of the articles I wrote for a recent issue of GB's local YOU magazine}

A look at style from the 60’s, 80’s and 2000’s and the trends that are back again!

Fashion is an ever evolving phenomenon, one that seems completely appealing and chic at the time yet often leaves us cringing at the thought years later! It flamboyantly weaves it’s way through the decades, always making a statement and leaving behind an inexplicable reputation. I’m guilty of a few good laughs, especially at the cost of the 80’s and 90’s, while many other decades inspire more romantic notions that leave me more eager to reinterpret them (as an example, I have a complete love and fascination with the bohemian style of the 70’s).

As we watch fashion circle through time, the trends that we once either loved or abhorred revisit us again. Many are hanging from the racks and tucked onto the shelves of our favorite stores even today! So here’s a look at my personal favorite trends from the groovy 60’s, the punky 80’s, and the boy-meets-girl 2000’s, those that are in vogue once again. And with that I have a few ideas of how you might style those trends today, in a way that’s fresh for 2012!

Let’s get dressed for date night!

The 60's - mix and match color never looked so good!
The mod 60's are back in a big way, swathing us in boldly, color blocked ensembles and interesting shapes. Jewel toned mini skirts are popular with those that love a leggy look and A-line dresses are a beautiful buy as they flatter so many shapes. The 60's inspire us to be bold and bright this summer, turning our wardrobes into rainbows of happy, dimensional color. 
{dress - Forever 21, necklace - J. Crew, clutch - vintage (borrowed from a friend), shoes - Aldo}

The 80's - a more feminine side
M C Hammer gave us ... well, hammer pants, but we can thank Madonna for loving her lace. Whew! Lace is all at once feminine, flirty, elegant, and romantic and you need only one piece in an outfit to soften a look yet not overpower it. Paired here with other 80's favorites, a jean jacket and light pink leather pumps, a lace skirt becomes laid back but still chic, perfect for an evening out. And if you're a fan of dazzling color, then this summer is the season to consider another beloved 80's favorite, neon! Neon accessories are all the rage right now, whether layered on your wrists as friendship bracelets or slung across your arm as a fluorescent handbag. Neon is back!
{jacket - Hollister, shirt - J. Crew Factory, necklace - Loft, skirt - Target, purse - garage sale, heels - Nine West}

The 2000's - tough girl chic
The last decade saw the birth of a few fads that we'll likely not miss (bared midriffs and velour tracksuits being prime examples)! But it also made the skinny jean flattering again and the boyfriend blazer became a must-have item, as it effortlessly glammed up a pair of jeans or dressed down your favorite party dress. We were hooked by the oversized statement necklace which looked gorgeous with just about everything and finally, fashion warriors loved the unusual lines of a gladiator inspired shoe. This is how I would continue to wear these 2000 trends today but my skinny jeans would be bright and cheery, 2012 style!

{jacket - H&M, necklace - Express, tee - J. Crew Factory, jeans - Gap, shoes - Target}

Since writing this article back in March, I've purchased an even brighter tangerine jean and those would have been just about perfect in this last outfit. But I worked with the colored denim that I had at the time. :) Styling for YOU is something that I really have to think about, a little more intentional than just grabbing the first pretties I see. Our target demographic is women 34-54 and yes, that includes me now! But I want to make sure that I'm featuring clothing that those ladies feel comfortable with, pieces that they would not be shy to try. So the outfits here will be a little different to those that I would feature exclusively on the blog, my daily looks. Just thought you might like to know. :) Because you care about such trivialities, right? 

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