Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Wild Weekend!

Yep, it's written all over his face! This was our weekend ... happy, crazy, and all sorts of fun. We celebrated the end of school by visiting Bay Beach not just once, but twice! We live about 8 minutes from this mini amusement park (it's permanently there but only opens between May and oh gosh, September?) Gets the kids all giddy. 

The crowds were still slim so I was happy to take them a couple of times, once even on my own! And while things went pretty darn spectacularly for that solo visit, they did end with one little man in tears. Just the way it goes ... 

While we were there, we worked on a few photos for an upcoming issue of Green Bay Moms magazine. They wanted shots of the boys for a feature they're doing on our family. What an incredibly cool opportunity for us!

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