Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mama Style {tangerine jean}

I'm the very happy, new owner of this pair of extremely bright tangerine jeans. They were a gift from the huz and they've served me well in the past couple of weeks, especially perfect when I need a touch of pow! in my life. 

We're preparing for the end of school already, summer break just around the corner. Can't believe that our sweet summer is (almost) here at last and that all the best of memories are about to be made. Summers are the absolute best thing ever!
There will be:
1. Daily morning trips to the pool (though we'll have to wait a little while longer for that).
2. Relaxed afternoons while our little E naps, perhaps with a book, or napping in a homemade tent, or jumping on a trampoline.
2. Sunscreen, ice cream, floppy straw hats, summer dresses, and the entire family in flip flops.
3. Strolls through the farmer's market, drinking in the sights and smells of summer.
4. Breezy, sunshine-y boat rides and hours spend watching the boys splash contently in the beach water.
5. 3 summer camps for the big boys! (I loved going to camp as a child, so I'm so excited for them to have more opportunities like this).
6. A family vacation to California in July that seems absolutely dreamy, as we'll be staying in a place right on the beach. Woohoo! I remember loving our family holidays to the sea as a child and the memory of waking up to the sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore each morning is one of my favorites from those trips. We lived much closer to the coast as children, so I know my boys will not get to spend as much time by the sea as we did. I hope they love and appreciate it though.
7. Bikes rides (hopefully without training wheels), t-ball, tennis, soccer ... whatever we can manage!
8. Summer art projects, recipes, and DIY - hopefully with a little kid participation.
9. A birthday party for Monty, the theme of which changes weekly.
10. Lots of quality time for this mom and her boys.

11 (but most important of all). My grandparents will be here with us, all summer. The best treat of all!

{popover - J. Crew Factory, tank - Forever 21, jeans - Azure (GB), shoes - Aldo, bracelets - Azure and Somewhere in Time (GB)}

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