Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifty Thursday & DIY

I bought several extremely inexpensive needle points a few weeks ago (only 25 and 50 cents each) and I had a plan to paint the frames for a wall in my hallway that needing a good sprucing. Well, I finally finished the job yesterday! These frames soaked up the paint like crazy and I thought they'd never be done but after a good 12 coats (at least), I thought, well good enough. Monty Rowan used the same paint (Behr paint from Home Depot) to create his own work of art. Here's a peek at the process.

 And the end product, up on our wall.
My sister and I did a little thrifting at St. Vinny's in GB and this is what came home with me.

Lots of books that Parker adores, buy one get one free day and not more than 75 cents each. We've been working hard on this giant Where's Waldo?
 This stunning black tray with painted florals.
And this piece of art ... really amazing. Look forward to finding a special place to hang it.

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  1. Wow Kirsty! You gave those pictured new life, they look great!

    Really awesome thrift finds too!


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