Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mama Style {and what we're doing}

My grand parents came over to see my home this morning. It's been so amazing to see them again and the boys have been so sweet with them even though my eldest is the only one who actually remembers them, while the others have seen plenty of pictures. Monty was 1 the Christmas that we last saw them and so Little E has never met them. But he was, as expected, the most chatty of all. He even hugged their legs as if they were old favorites and asked for several good bye kisses when it was time to go. It's as if he can just tell that they're family. Even though he hardly knows what that means yet. 

And I should mention, these grandparents of mine are in their late 80's! Don't they look incredible? Again, they're amazing.
 Here are a couple of pictures of the unpacking, an event that always unveils delectable treasures.
And finally, here's a look at today. As I mentioned before, we loved having my grandparents over this morning to show off our house and enjoy the sunshine (on my newly painted garden furniture) while the kids played outside. It's a little ridiculous the amount of nesting one can do with some major motivation! Like a dear visitor from half way across the world that you rarely get to see. They would never know the difference and yet we managed to find the time and energy to clean up our garden and empty out our garage, just in anticipation of their arrival. Fabulous!

Later this afternoon we're all going to head to the downtown farmer's market for some kettle corn and ice cream and perhaps a glass of wine for the bigs. It's just the perfect summer day!
{hat - H&M, dress & necklace - Forever 21, shoes - Topshop, bag - free from Aerie}

Here's a couple of other times I wore this dress 1 and 2


  1. OH, I'm in love with your words "even though he doesn't know what that means yet" (I could cry!) So sweet and your grandparents are precious! The photo with your grandmother kneeling down my the suitcase with gifts just touched me. I'm not sure why this whole post affected me so much! Enjoy the visit! I love a visit to get you amped to clean and organize and nest!

  2. Seeing your grandparents makes me want to move right back to GB so I can spend some time with them! They are two of the most amazing guys are blessed! Please tell them that Joy and Travis say hey....and tell grandpa he can send us a fax anytime! :)


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