Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mama Style {summer sparkle}

Yesterday passed me by in such a flash that I never had a chance to get my post out, though it was halfway prepared. So this is #2 for today and an outfit at that! 

I just mentioned to you that I wear my chambray shirt more than anything else in my closet and now I have to say that this vest is an awfully close 2nd to that. I've worn it excessively this week already, Monday over a sundress and then yesterday like this. I like the way it made this fancy tank top feel a little more casual and how it added some shape to my truly shapeless dress. I think vests are a little weird (I've been made fun of by family for wearing them so much) and sometimes kinda corny (yes, even a lovely brocade vest in my senior pictures). But I LOVE them nonetheless!
{vest - Aerie, tank - J. Crew, DIY cut offs - T J Maxx, shoes - Old Navy, bag - Anthropologie, bangle - dad's}

Join me on instagram (@kirstyg) to see another picture of this outfit but with a tiny photo bomb in the background. :)

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