Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What We've Been Up To

The big boys have been at camp this week which in turn means extremely exhausted children and chilled out afternoons (though sometimes we have enough bursts of energy for trampolining).
We recently celebrated Monty's 5th birthday with a bowling party. He was excited to wear his hat until we got there, and then he wasn't as sure.
 Mornings at the pool.
 Ice cream dates and cheery blue skies.
 Flowers from the garden and tiny cuddles.

Read this recently and it made me smile.

Mr. Darcy: hey, I just met you

Mr. Darcy: and this is crazy

Mr. Darcy: but I’m going to act coldly distant to you for a long time, then awkwardly admit my undying love to you and save you from liking a horrible liar and gambler, then propose to you, telling you I love you not for your beauty but for your mind.

Mr. Darcy: so call me maybe.
(Source: afracturedprism, via modernhepburn)

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