Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Best {golden}

The boys and I hopped outside for our outfit photo yesterday and they chose the tree house as our back drop. Moments later, Monty's Sunday best was replaced by his everyday go-to, sports shorts and tank top. Grrr!

This chambray shirt is without doubt the most worn item in my closet. I wear it all the time and with everything. It's perfect ... plus it'll work for all seasons. So if you are considering purchasing something special but also versatile and able to be worn dressed up or casual, or if you just want to go shopping and see what happens, make a swing by J. Crew. You won't regret it. But when is J. Crew ever a bad idea (okay, don't answer that ... ).
{necklace - Somewhere in Time (GB), shirt - J. Crew, skirt - Forever 21, shoes - Target, bag - Old Navy, bracelet - thrifted}
Monty had to bring "donkey" to this photo shoot and Parker had to bring his stack of cards, cause we had to pause our card game and he was eager to get back to it. Donkey spent quite a bit of time on my shoulder actually. 
Well, you may remember me mentioning that I was going to send my home pictures to a site I adored, the reason for that home tour last week (which I have yet to finish, by the way) in the hopes that something might happen. Well, I'm so excited to tell you that Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom loved the pictures and that our home will be featured over there as a part of a series called Living With Kids. I'm not sure if you've ever visited Design Mom but you must if you've not! It is one of my absolute favorite blogs and really, how can it not be? Gabrielle is a mom of 6 amazing kids and though from the US, her family is currently living in a farmhouse in the French countryside. Yes, it's idyllic! Their day to day adventures and their breath taking travels are just ... out of this world.

Her blog was named website of the year by Time Magazine and she's been named top parenting blog by several other big name mags. In a nutshell, the opportunity for a home feature there is completely awesome. I'll let you know when it's posted (not for a little while yet) but in the meantime, take a moment to visit Design Mom. It really is a sweet place to day dream.

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