Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Best {and our weekend}

Hello friends! Good to see you again ... :). My sister and I both wore navy and white polka dot dresses to church yesterday (see the pic here, just scroll down). Can you believe it? 
{necklace - Somewhere in Time (DIY vintage collar created here), dress - Target, vest - Aerie, bracelet - T J Maxx, shoes - Lady Savannah (GB)}

And I wore this dress here too, if you care to take a look. 

On Friday the big boys ran in the Bellin Children's Run. We were so stinking proud of them cause, though they take their share of sports, they have had no experience running. These little apples do not fall far from our tree and we're certainly not running anywhere anytime soon (except for a quick ice cream perhaps). They had to run 1/2 a mile, completely unprepared. Monty is usually all about anything that enables speed or danger while Parker finds comfort in the more, shall we call it leisurely pace? But they were both all about this run (Papa helped them prepare mentally by setting up back yard races several days before) and Parker was even adamant that he would run it alone. Shocking step for him! They were awesome. 

Here they are with their cuz' who also ran .... sweet thangs. 
 Elliot could have done it too but we only realized it when we saw the 1 and 2 year olds lining up. Can you imagine? There would have either been absurd tears or furrowed (I am a superstar) brow. You never know.

Instead he sat on Garthie's lap, like this. Elbow resting, perfectly at ease.
Here's my Monty, who ran with Aunty Daena, and whose stride became spring-like when he saw us on the home stretch.
 And here's my Jams.
We had to walk several blocks back to my sister's home afterwards, red faced and too sore to move. Needless to say, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Looking sexy, mid sentence. :)

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