Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catching Up

Hello friends! Long time, no see. I've been out of town and now since my return, just trying desperately to catch up on everything. No easy challenge apparently. Today, I have a mix of pictures to share. Some from waaaay back - 4th of July to be exact and others from a night out in Tulsa last weekend. 

On the 4th we all went out for an afternoon on the boat with the grandparents and Parker's new buddy came along too. The boat made it's way to their favorite little island where we anchored amidst the legions of boats and enjoyed the (mostly college age, certainly 20 something) festivities. A little out of our age range but hey, the boys had a blast. Here's an onslaught of photos from that afternoon. 
 And my husband and I went down to Tulsa for a long weekend and met my little sister there. It was an incredibly relaxing time of swimming, eating out and shopping. Not a care in the world! This is what Cara and I wore to a Asian restaurant on Friday evening, certainly the best pad thai and sushi I've ever had.

Phil thought it would be funny to take pics of us getting ready. Felt like prom all over again.
{on me: dress - borrowed from Cara, bought from Urban Outfitters, belt - Anthropologie (yes, I went and woop, 
there were great sales!), bag - Old Navy, shoes - Lady Savannah (GB)
on Cara: dress - American Eagle}


  1. Hi Kirsty, I was wondering where your boys swim floaties are from?

  2. Hi Jacquelyn! Not sure if you're from this area but they're actually from Fleet Farm. I've only seen those up north though so I don't know if that's helpful at all. :)
    xx Kirsty

  3. Thanks so much!! And, yes, I'm from the area so that's very helpful! :)


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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