Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pictures From Our Trip

I mentioned the eating right? Well there was way too much of it, so much so, that after our dinner on Friday night we literally were full for the rest of the weekend. And did that stop us? NO! Little sis was just about hyperventilating at the idea of all she needed to consume over that short 3 day stop in Tulsa. Why oh why do you have to go and offer so many great restaurants. It's really awful actually ... and totally splendid!

The margaritas at Senor Tequilas get me every time ;)
Breakfast at BBD.
Dinner at Yokozuna (downtown).
Brunch at Lucky's
Shopping at Anthropologie (I loved the way the artist's interpretation of Starry Night was painted on the back of the canvases) and a gorgeous store called Edit, owned by a lovely friend.
Lots of swimming! (and husband performing "tricks" off the diving board. This one was a ballet leap. Ha!).
A visit to the spot where he proposed to me. I walked over that bridge and found him at that stone bench, where I sat down (to think) after he said those magic words. We'd never spoken of marriage before that moment. Can you imagine? 12 years later .... we're still married and not just that simple fact; I love him more than all the chocolate pastries in the world every single day. Serious.
The reunion I went down for. Many of us now have children and the whole family was invited so we could meet the kids (I obviously opted out of that detail). The kids all paraded for us in our old costumes which was kinda cool. And that's a wall of our old tour shirts.
 What I wore ...
 Goodbye sweet house, hello scary airplane.


  1. Tulsa! So fun! A few things...
    *I didn't know you were in Toymakers Dream!? I will have to watch it's been so long.
    *LOVE Yokozuna, it was our favorite in Tulsa. And Lucky's! YUM.

    Glad you had a great trip, looked like a blast :)

  2. Jenna!
    Yes, I was. Crazy huh? I'm not in the movie as they made it just before I joined. But I was in the last show in Marshfield .. perhaps you saw that one live? That's when I first met Phil (unofficially). He took our ballet class :)

  3. I am loving your blog!! You are so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing...the fashion and DIY has already inspired me :) looking forward to more to come...hope to see you soon, Amy Flegel


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