Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fancy Feature - August Haven

On Tuesday afternoon I was flitting about town on a mission to find and photograph my top 10 favorite's in lighting for YOU Magazine's August issue. On my adventures I came across August Haven and boy oh boy am I glad I did. It was stunning!

August Haven is somewhat attached to WG&R Furniture here in Green Bay and it has that sort of upscale, super chic feel to it but the merchandise looks incredibly family friendly and comfortable. I found myself completely in awe of the pieces in that store and inspired by the interior design. There were plenty of heart throbbing moments where an inner argument raged, sensible me saying, "Wow, how wonderful that GB elite-sters can buy this exquisite furniture for their homes" while stubborn me argued, "It's mine! All mine!"

Here's a peek at the place, a very neutral palette of khaki, cream and gray speckled with subtle color in an uber cool, without any effort at all sort of way. I just loved it. There seemed to be an interesting mix of old and new, many of the pieces having a repurposed quality to them. Ah, so perfectly dreamy ... these pictures don't do it justice at all. 
I'll save all the awesome light fixtures for the mag but be sure to grab one when it's comes out next month (if you're a local, that is). This month's YOU will feature my top 10 favorite summer sandals. Now that's a subject I know an awful lot about! (I think it'll be out this week.) Till tomorrow :)


  1. sometime you'll have to tell me your favorite clothing shops in GB.....I hear there are some cute ones!

  2. so been there, but dont go often cuz I want EVERYTHING!

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  4. Kiiiirsty! You have to come to SA and go with me to a place called weylandts.......amazing!!! truely!!!! i would furnish every corner of my home with their stuff!


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