Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mama Style {that white blazer}

Thank goodness for this linen blazer, pulls together so many looks when the air chills. Gone are the days of my (sexy) cardi; I barely bat an eye in her direction. A layer of structured white feels so much chicer. Not to say that I won't be knocking at your door again soon, dear cardi. I know that the winter will have me slipping into your sleeves again. 

I'm doing a family photo shoot tonight and I suggested they not wear white. You can see here why that is.  The details are lost in a glaring eye bomb. This shirt has the sweetest of polka dots but you will only see them when we zoom right in.  
{shirt - Forever 21, blazer - H&M, necklace - J. Crew, watch - Fossil, bracelets - dad's and SA, shorts - T J Maxx, shoes - Topshop}

Today little E and I rode bikes with my sister and her Charlie boy. Actually she pulled them behind her and sweat her little butt off while I enjoyed the cooler breeze. Something seemed amiss with her bike. We stopped downtown for a coffee and muffin while the boys climbed the bakery's patio furniture. As we crossed back over the bridge we noticed the Wednesday "Dine on the Deck" and it looked wonderful. Yummy food, fun music. We'll definitely be there next week with the fam! 

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