Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Potty Training and other things ...

We're in the midst of it and we have a deadline of August 27th, or at least close to that. Ugh! I think we may be able to pull off the dry in the morning shpeel but we'll be lucky if it's an all day, all night thing. We were on a good ol' roll before Phil and I went out of town, but that pretty much all went out the window in a matter of seconds. One month of work lost in 4 days. He was even keeping his pull up dry when we were out and when he slept.

The first few days after we returned, our carpets were a soaking mess! But he's doing better already, wearing those super hero undies as long as we're home, peeing in that potty like crazy. It's soooo cooool!

Whew. I think we'll be okay. 

Parker took for.ev.er to be completely trained. He hated sitting on the toilet so much. 

Monty was easy as pie. Though he had horrible aim. :) 

Elliot is, as usual, right there in the middle. 
 That's the mattress that we recently moved onto it's frame (daybed pictured above - garage sale find!). Elliot fell out of bed last night, onto a fluffy sleeping bag, but still .... That sleeping bag was then rolled up tight and tucked beside him, to keep him from rolling out again. We'll try another night and see how he does.


  1. potty training my boys was a nightmare!! Brooklyn was a dream and told me one day, she was too big for diapers and was done with them.....I so get the bad aim, one of my boys still has it!!

  2. Kirsty,
    Oh, those shoes on Elliot.......:-)



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