Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday Best {painted stripes}

 Hi friends! Good to be back today and especially nice to be sitting down right now. The big boys went off to a fine arts camp this morning which was a wonderful success and they're now almost asleep laying on my bedroom floor. I'm washing the bed linens and the top duvet and pillow were laying on our floor, so naturally, that was the comfiest place they spotted.

We're still melting from this heat here in Green Bay, a very unusual state of being for us northern natives (I guess I can say I'm sort of one now ... after 12 years?). But of course, my family absolutely loves the heat and we were sure to buy air conditioned homes, so we're just fine. Not so with many others though and my heart aches a little for them right now while it's 95 degrees outside (especially you, my pregnant friend!).

Elliot is right now sleeping in his (very high off the floor) daybed, the one that has always been in his room as a guest bed. I figured it was time to take his mattress off the floor and he seemed chuffed at the idea ... until I said "night, night". But he managed to fall asleep and I haven't heard any thuds yet. The reason I went ahead and moved him into the daybed was because he slept in a queen size bed (also high off the ground) at his grandma's house while we were gone. He also slept extremely well during those 3 nights, waking at 9am each morning. Since then he's woken at 6:30-ish and I've been dying each morning, wishing for the good ol' days. So in a sort of desperate attempt to lengthen his mornings in bed I've tried to replicate grandma's house. Have a feeling it's not going to work AT ALL. Bummer!

Loved this dress, once again borrowed from my mom, with it's graphic yet painterly print. I'm kinda into pops of yellow this month. It seems I tend to have a color of the month actually. The last one was neon pink (okay, so maybe that was for 2 months) and I bet next months will be aubergine. Ha! What do you think?
{dress - Vera Wang for Kohls, belt - Anthropologie, shoes - Target, bag - Old Navy, bracelets - Forever 21 and J. Crew}

PS: Just received a invitation to model for De Pere's Fashion's Night Out again this year. If you're in town you MUST come as it was such a blast last year. Check out their Facebook page to get all the details. Oh, and here's the video from last year's Fashion's Night Out event!

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  1. this dress and belt combo looks a lot like the dress on your heading! :) Good to see you today! I missed you guys!


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