Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Little Model ~ Sydney

This little diva is Sydney and she is a mere 4 years old! She's the perfect model to photograph, poses like a pro and so should she, as she has been modeling since she was a baby! Oh goodness, I had so much fun with this photo shoot. I had a very important mission here, to take "fashion" photos, and hope to goodness that they would be acceptable enough for Wilhelmina, the agency that's requested her head shots. So I went through Sydney's closet, picked several outfits for her to wear and a little while later met at a pretty fountain to click away! We'll see what the agency thinks (I'm always up for a new challenge) ... but in the meantime her family will surely enjoy these stills of her gorgeous little face and her fantastic little poses. 

{Some of these were just extras that I couldn't resist, more for mom than for the big wigs}
After each outfit, we couldn't resist jumping in the fountain! The water was incredibly tempting after all that work and yes, I too got a little wet, but more for the shot than for the fun. :)
Thank you Sydney and Hollie for a really fun afternoon combining two of my favorite things ... fashion and photography. Let's do it again soon!

(If you live in the GB area and are interested in booking a shoot for family or individual portraits, just send me an email to kirstyloug@gmail.com.)


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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