Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Trip to the Gardens

My sister and I took our grandparents to the botanical gardens this morning. You see, they're huge gardeners and know absolutely everything there is to know about plants and flowers. So I thought they might enjoy seeing what we're capable of growing here in Green Bay. :) This really is a beautiful spot in the summer. 

I love these old folks so much, it's hard to put it into words. They're everything to me and I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have them in my life even now, at age 34. I know this is rare. We all lived together for several years before we moved to the US. They built a home on our property and from that moment on, life was a little sweeter (and not just figuratively!). We were only allowed sweets on Sundays as kids but Granna and Garthie liked to sneak them to us when we popped over for a chat. And funny thing is, that's where my boys can always count on a good stash of sweets too ... from their gran's pantry. Garth used to make us our school lunches too, my favorite was a grated biltong sandwich. And he loved to make us breakfast, still does! Their bread was always so yummy and I especially loved it with the butter melted and a thin spread of fish paste. I'd go over there to watch Grease and I remember sitting on the floor in their TV room with my eyes glued to that movie on more occasions than I can really count. There were many, many afternoons spent swimming in the pool and I remember them sitting out getting a tan. They both love a good tan and have always commented on the lovely tan (or lack of) that I have. You can always count on that. As much as we'd love for them to move here to GB, they love their sun way too much to give it up (though I always thought that ran true for my mom as well but she was eventually convinced). Not that the sun don't shine here ... it's just more temperamental. 
 Gran was the only one willing to give me a good gangsta pose. Elliot cared only to see what laid behind that door.
 Oh Garthie!
 The "wetting zoo"
 And the maze.
 A nice, big, spitty raspberry!
Enough now mom!

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