Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mama Style {old favorites}

Today's a big day for me! I had the awesome opportunity to style 3 outfits for a fall fashion shoot that I'm photographing this afternoon. I'm a freelance writer and photographer for YOU magazine and twice a year they do an entire issue devoted to fashion. This is "dream come true" type of stuff for me friends, with boutiques, models, hair and makeup, the whole nine yards. I'm in heaven right now, as you can tell, and I hope that all goes as well as it has gone in my mind's eye. :) Fashion photography is an especially new endeavor for me (my first 2 opportunities here and here) and I hope to really, really grow in this area seeing as it's something that gets me quite giddy. The talent has not quite caught up to the passion. 

I'm starting to wear these booties again, my old winter faves. They really are the perfect fall boot but look really cute with shorts too. So I'm starting a little early this year. 
{blazer - H&M, shirt - Forever 21, shorts - T J Maxx, bracelet - Azure (GB), boots - DSW}

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  1. Sounds fun Kirsty, you will do a great job, I can't wait to see the end result! Love it when those "dream come true" moments happen! Darling outfit too!


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