Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Best {hot pink steal}

Hello friends! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 

I went thrifting with Elliot on Friday morning and had a really successful time of it. I found this hot pink dress for one and a pair of beaded heels as well. Best part? Both were only $3 each. Unbelievable steal for me as I was completely smitten by them both. The heels have a serious 80's vibe going on but I think they'll work wonderfully for a holiday party, paired with simple dark denim. I'll post a picture of them soon. You'll love it (or dry heave). :)
100% spinnable!

I wanted to show off the detailing on the shoulders. That's what originally caught my eye actually. I cut out the tiny shoulder pads to make it a little more wearable and in fact, I have a similar blue dress on which I did the exact same thing. The tags are very old. What decade do you think it's from? Late 70's, early 80's is my guess.
{dress - St Vinny's (thrift), belt - Anthropologie, shoes - Plato's Closet (GB consignment)}


  1. That is such a great dress!! I was at St. Vinny's Friday also and missed it!:-)


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