Thursday, October 4, 2012

A *Sqiz at Our Lives

 Elliot is having a pirate obsession this month, well, last month really. And every time we set foot in a thrift store, he said he wanted to find a pirate. ??? Not sure what the connection is there. So of course the natural costume choice would be this little number and when he wears it, he only responds to questions with an "Arrrr!" So awfully serious about staying in character. 
Those were a few pictures from our weekend in Austin. If you'd like to follow the madness in closer detail, then you can follow me on Instagram @kirstyg. My phone gets a major, battery draining workout each and every day.
This year's fall is completely breath taking. There's no season that compares to this in splendor. When every leaf is painted in colors that seem too good to be true. It's absolutely magical. Our city is beautiful and bright with color and we're all feeling so lucky to be here to live and breath it.  
Elliot's birthday is just around the corner and the baking/crafting has begun!
* Sqiz means "little look" :)

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