Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bold Choices

While I'm a big fan of wearing solid color for fall/winter and tend to grab black or grey most days, I have a soft spot for patterns that make a bold statement. They're not always as easy to wear but they're so much more fun! 

Here are 3 pieces that I hope to get some wear out of this fall.  
I love the idea of ponchos (and capes) and think they look easy and comfortable on other girls but I must admit that I'm a little nervous to take the plunge. I felt the same way about leggings when they first  became a hit back in the mid 2000's (was it?) and it took me ages before I felt confident enough to leave the house in them. A little deja vu here. 
{Johnny Was}
This scarf was a gift from my guy this summer and it's gorgeous. There's no doubt that this one will need an ultra basic ensemble beneath. Jeans and a long sleeve black tee might be just right for me, perhaps with my black leather jacket.
{Forever 21}
And then there's this jacket, not so new anymore but still longing to get some action. Tomato red and studded. There's not much bolder than that!

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