Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Maternity Style {14 weeks}

Things I'm enjoying about this pregnancy:
1. Peppermint!
2. A lesser desire to gorge on food than in previous pregnancies = slower weight gain
3. The option to nap every single day if need be (as kids allow it this time)
4. Longer hair which means as my face fills out into its unavoidable melon shape, it can be somewhat camouflaged by hair 
5. No itchy scalp or intolerance towards deodorant - good!

Things I'm not enjoying at all:
1. Hamburger!
2. I'm not enjoying my beloved foods, though I'm digging oranges and frosted mini wheats
3. Feeling sleepy and rarely refreshed, even post nap
4. No desire to leave the house at night for a date (poor husband)
5. Breaking out like I'm a teenager
{shirt & jacket - Forever 21, skirt - Gap, booties - Steve Madden at DSW}


  1. I loved frosted mini wheats and grapefruits with brooke. Looking great!

  2. I'm just a couple weeks ahead of you with baby #3...I can't get enough of orange juice and clementines!!


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