Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Rolls

Hello friends! Long time no see. :) Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend and if you're not a US friend, then I hope your regular ol' weekend was fabulous too. 

On Thanksgiving morn the boys and I made these turkey rolls together, in-between watching the Macy's parade (something Elliot really loved this year and has asked to watch again several times since), whipping up some mashed potatoes, and getting ourselves ready to head to family for a humongous lunch. 
 Aren't they cute? We used Rhodes rolls, thawed them, flattened one for the body, cut a third off the second which we rolled into a neck and head shape, and the used the two-thirds left over for the tail, which we cut into feathers. Elliot loved pushing dried cranberries into the rolls and Monty loved ... well, everything! (as you can see below by his groovy posing).

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