Friday, December 14, 2012

Maternity Style

I've been tired again this week, napping in the afternoons instead of accomplishing much of anything. Needless to say, it's not been an awfully efficient sort of week but sometimes you need that, I suppose. The chance to veg. My sweet Parker was sick much of the week and home with me quit a bit, so we worked on clearing up a cough while catching up on Christmas movies. Sure, it was a week early (he's out of school for the holidays after Tuesday already) but why not? We did some home work too, of course ... didn't leave the brain to turn to complete mush.

I also finished up dance classes for our Christmas break, had a visit with my doctor, went to a warm and fuzzy, not to mention delicious ornament exchange party and finally, bought myself some serious baked goodies to eat to my heart's content this weekend (I do plan to share). As I type tonight Monty is singing, "Oh bring us some piggy pudding ..." over and over. I'm not going to correct it.

Been loving these children extra hard today, thankful for their health and safety everyday and praying for those who experienced such devastating loss today.
{hat - Forever 21, shirt - Old Navy, skirt - Target, sneakers - American Eagle, ear rings - a gift from a very special little dancer}

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