Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday Best {with the boys}

Apparently green is THE color for 2013, or so I've heard. This is old news to me, as green (at least in regards to swishy frocks) has been my color of choice for at least 3 years now. America is finally catching on to my emerald obsession. :) 

17 weeks now and growing! Started to feel a few flutterings this week too. It's so precious and completely unbelievable each and every time, no more familiar to me now than it was the first time I  experienced this swishing in my tummy. It's hard to wrap your brain around what goes on in your belly during these 9 months, isn't it? 

Just 9 days until Christmas! And as little E likes to announce as often as he can remember to, "Merry Christmas and Happy Halloween!", with a great big smile on his face. At which point I say, "You have such a great smile" and he replies, "Yes, I do." :)
{dress - H&M, vest - reworked from Goodwill, purse - Anthropologie, boots - DSW}

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